Facts and Questions

If you have a query which is not answered below, please contact us here.

Are you an official Doctor Who website?
No. We are a fan-run, non-profit website.

Does this website contain spoilers?
From March 2010, the website no longer contains spoilers. Our spoiler rule is that if something is confirmed by the BBC (E.g The Daleks returning in the new series), it is okay to post.

Where can I find out more about the website?
You can find out more on the About Us page and about the people who work on the blog here.

Can I work for News Through Time and Space?
Whilst we appreciate your interest, we are not looking for any more members. However, you can submit a news story to us using the Contact Us page.

Can you review a certain item for me?
If you would like to see a certain Doctor Who item reviewed, please let us know here. We will do everything we can to supply a review. If we do not have the item, we will ask someone who does.

How can I be notified of new posts?
To be notified of new posts, you can follow us through Blogger or alternatively, you can sign up for one of our free subscriptions!

Can you post a link to my website on yours?
If you have a website you would like us to link to, please contact us and we can discuss a permanent link exchange on our Links Page.

Why have I not received a reply to my email?
If you have contacted us and not received a reply, we apologise. It could be for a few reasons.
1) Did you contact us using our special form? If not, please do so.
2) Is Dave, the owner, available? Dave often goes on weekend breaks and therefore can not always reply to emails. You will know if Dave is away because Chandra will be posting. If Dave is away, he will reply as soon as he gets back.

Again, if you have a query which is not answered above, please contact us here.


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